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Confirmed vendors will be added here.

The 2017 Vendor Application is now available.

This year, we have revamped the vendor area along Admiral's Walk and in Wayfarers' Way as well as the application. It wasn't fair that a vendor with a 30' by 10' space on the street side of Admiral's Walk was paying the same price as a vendor on the water side who could put a motorhome in behind his tent, so now the water side is slightly higher in price than the street side of the walk. And, everyone wants to be closer to downtown, so the format now recognizes that also.

We re-measured and re-worked the spaces around all the canons, monuments and obstacles. Now, there won't be a canon in the middle of anyone's space. But that means that where we used to have 3 spaces of 10' each but one had a canon four feet from one side, we now have two spaces of 13' frontage each and we measure totally around the obstacles. For things we can't get around, like flag poles and water spouts, we've made deductions from the cost of the space. If your space is only 8' deep, you pay less. If your space is now 12' or 14' frontage, you'll pay more, so take a look at what you need and then align yourself with the proper space, remembering that some 10' x 10' tents need a foot or two on each side for guy wires.

The area of Admiral's Walk is divided into zones: A is waterside, closest to downtown, B is streetside, closest to downtown; C is waterside, and D is streetside south of the Lighthouse and E, F and G are almost across from Headquarters.

We've also assigned power directly to each space and rolled the cost of power into that space's fee. If you have two spaces and only one has power, you have access to one outlet in the two-outlet fixture. If you end up with more power outlets than you're going to need, please let us know so we can offer the extra to one of the spaces near you. We're also asking you to let us know what applicances or fixtures you'll be using that will be drawing power. Travel trailers with fridges, air conditioning and TVs will need more than a lone vending tent with one lamp. We're trying hard to line up our requirements with our availability so we don't have outages this year and we appreciate your cooperation.

The spaces at the Marina are remaining at $400 for a 10' x 10' space (because that's their actual size, there!) plus power as a separate charge. We have only a few spaces there, so no fancy map.

Get Started

In order to get started, download and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader each of the pdfs. The pop-ups of the prices and sizes won't work if you open the documents in a browser window, so open them with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  (Don't have it? It's free, download it from here.)

Download and open the application, fill it out (using fill and sign) and either save it and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or print it and fax it to 902.245.3154. Once it's received, we will be in touch with you.

Download Zones A & B map

Download Zones C & D map

Download Zones E, F & G map

Download 2017 Vendor Application

The maps will be updated on a weekly basis. "Pending" means the space is spoken for but the cheque hasn't arrived yet, or we haven't been able to connect for a credit card. The Confirmed Vendors listing will be updated on a more regular basis. Please check your listings for accuracy and let us know of any changes.



Please note that proof of insurance is being strictly enforced this year. If you need insurance, please purchase it by clicking here.

Vendors, do you need accommodations? Wharf Rat Rally sponsor Annapolis Basin Conference Centre has a vendor package available just for you. Visit and book soon!

Vendors: Please read the application carefully as there are changes from last year. Be sure to give us ALL the details about your set up. And please ensure the signed signature page is included in your application.



If you are a vendor from outside Canada, there are some hoops to jump through, but they aren't too bad.

The information can be found on the Canada Border Services Agency's website.

From that page:

Value for Duty

Goods for Sale

If you are importing goods for sale within Canada, you must pay full duties and taxes at their first point of entry, as outlined in Memorandum D17-1-0, Accounting for Imported Goods and Payment of Duties Regulations.

When any unsold goods are exported at the close of an event and proof of export has been provided to the CBSA, the importer is entitled to a refund of the duties and some taxes (but not the GST/HST) paid on the unsold portion of the shipment (see Memorandum D17-2-1, Coding of Adjustment Request Forms).

For more information: Memorandum D8-1-4, Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit (see the section "Alternate Proof of Export").

You'll need to have a complete inventory list of all items, quantities, costs and selling amounts on your way into Canada, and then update that list of your remaining inventory before you head back out of Canada.

If you have questions, there is contact information for CBSA offices here.

We hope to see you in Digby!

The constant vroom vroom vroom of thousands of motorcycles, laughter, questions, the clinking of money. The Wharf Rat Rally brings tens of thousands of people to Digby each year. People who are drawn to bright, flashy things; hungry from a good ride and eager to view your wares. Our people are professionals or well-employed with high school or post-secondary educations and spend over half a million dollars, shopping and eating. Their backgrounds and interests are boundless and varied: artwork, jewelry, leather and accessories and even hot tubs catch the attention of our guests.

The Rally signifies the end of summer and is the final hoorah before the grind of fall and winter set in. Be part of the excitement, reap the rewards!